About Smith Avenue Clay

About the Medium:

My jewelry is made from polymer clay, which is an incredibly lightweight medium. Even my biggest earrings can be worn comfortably for long periods of time. When cured properly, polymer clay is a flexible material, but please don't try and bend your earrings. 

About the Process:

Many, many hours go into each collection. I have a notebook full of design sketches that I'm constantly adding too, but I typically start my collection design with the colors. All of my colors are hand mixed using my own unique recipes, and I don't think I'll ever be able to narrow down my favorite color pallets. So, you can always expect to find a good mixture of bold, bright, soft and neutral colors around here. 

After all the colors are mixed, I settle on a few(sometimes several) designs that I feel fit my color pallet. These may be previous designs in new colors, or something totally new.

Now to make the earrings. Many of the pieces are made using shaped cutters, and some are made using homemade templates I've designed and cut out. You'll even find pieces that are hand shaped from extruded clay. After achieving desired shape, the pieces are cured in the oven. After baking, each sanded, drilled, washed and assembled. 

 After purchased, they are carefully packaged to ensure safe arrival to their destination.